Lincoln Memorial University

At LMU-CVM, we are committed to high quality teaching, creating opportunities for students to learn through applied labs that are integrated with lectures, and building personal relationships with each student.  We are a team that has consistently produced competent and confident day-one veterinarians through a hybrid distributive clinical year model.  We take pride in our flexibility, innovative spirit, and leadership in the veterinary education space.

LMU-CVM Educators:  Because we have no teaching hospital, our professors are focused on helping students learn, understand, and apply their skills and knowledge in ways that prepare them to work in fully functioning veterinary clinics during their clinical year rotations.  This means that our faculty are constantly creating new low-fidelity and middle-fidelity models for students to practice on from their first semester in the program, finding ways to successfully train students in professional skills, and pushing the boundaries of veterinary education delivery. 

Educator Development:  We work hard to ensure all our professors have opportunities to learn about education and engage in professional development focused on improving their teaching practice.  Our Center for Innovation in Veterinary Education and Technology  (CIVET) has 6 faculty and 3 staff who meet regularly, are committed to executing their own educational research and supporting others as they pursue research related to education. As a team we provide mentorship, consultations, and education-related programming that is open to all who have teaching responsibilities.  Members of the CIVET team serve as the SEVEC liaisons and are happy to share our resources as we are able.  Visit our site to learn more about CIVET.